If you want to maximize the lifetime of your roof, you should make an effort to maintain it and also perform regular inspections. At the very least, yearly inspections are important as they make sure your property is safe from leaks and external elements that can cause heavy damages to your property. Take a look at these helpful tips to maintain your roof.

1. Check Your Shingles

Your roof shingles need yearly inspections, especially if you reside in an area with harsh weather conditions. Keep in mind though that you don’t necessarily have to live somewhere with a harsh climate for your roof to get damaged. Ultraviolet rays from the sun can also damage your roof over time. Make sure to get your roof inspected by a roofing expert frequently if you want to save yourself costly repairs in the long run.

2. Trim Your Trees

If the trees in your yard have hanging branches that touch or brush against your roof, make sure you trim them well before winter approaches. Strong winds and rain can cause the branches to scratch and damage your roof and any structure over it.

3. Inspect for Moss

Many people find moss beautiful for the exterior look of their houses as it gives them a magical green touch. But did you know that the presence of moss cannot be ignored for long. Moss damages all kinds of roofs, including concrete, wood, and even asphalt. It grows between your roof shingles and collects over time, lifting the shingles up from your roof.

Moss is also very moist, which can cause excessive rotting and mold growth. In order to completely get rid of moss, scrub it away properly and use zinc sulphate granules seasonally to eradicate it completely from your roof.

4. Inspect Your Attic

Every so often, go to your attic with a torch and inspect the roof for cracks, spots, or any strains on the roof. If you see any signs of damage or any openings through your roof, it is a sign that your roof is damaged and it is vulnerable to rainfalls and storms. Your attic is the first place you should look at when inspecting your roof for damage.

5. Insulate and Ventilate Your Roof

A properly ventilated roof gets rid of any excess moisture left on your roof that can lead to rot and mold growth. Most homeowners usually disregard this aspect of roof maintenance. Little do they know that their roofs can actually “sweat”. How, you ask? When warm air from your house rises and meets the cold on the roof, it results in condensation and moisture. Moisture is the breeding ground for mold and can cause your roof to rot if left uninspected. Your roof needs to be properly ventilated with enough airflow so that there’s no condensation.

6. Seal the Flashings

Flashings are the metal strips along the side of your roof that cause water and other elements from entering your house through openings. Over time, flashings tend to get damaged and can allow water to enter your house. Get your flashings inspected and seal them with caulk to make sure they are 100% functional.

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