Protecting your house entails maintaining your roof and periodically cleaning your gutters. Regular gutter cleaning can save you a lot of money every year. If you leave your gutters unclean for a long time, you will face significant roof damage in the form of ice dams and water damage on the roof.

Ice dams are hazardous for the structure of your house. Your gutters cannot withstand heavy ice dams for long. Once your gutters have had enough, they will come falling down on your house, injuring anyone who is close by.

Water damage is also a severe threat as a result of unclean gutters. As soon as your roof comes in contact with water and it stays trapped, you will notice mold growth on your roof, which is a serious red flag. Mold growth not only destroys your roof but also results in several respiratory diseases that can affect your family.

To keep these problems at bay, you should get your gutters cleaned by a roofing professional ASAP.

How Often Should You Clean Your Gutters?

According to roofing experts, you should get your gutters cleaned at least once a year, if not twice. The ideal time to get your gutters cleaned is in late spring or late fall, as it would effectively protect your roofs during hot and cold weather.

However, gutter cleaning also depends on the area you live in and the weather conditions you face. For instance, if several trees are surrounding your roof, you will need to get your gutters cleaned more often as the falling leaves can clog your gutters easily, blocking the flow of water. If your gutters are clogged during rainy weather, you are doomed.

Clogged Gutters

Safety Concerns When Cleaning Gutters

Gutter cleaning is an extremely dangerous task that should not be done by amateurs or property owners. It should be strictly left to professionals.

Here are some safety concerns involved in gutter cleaning:

  • High altitudes: Cleaning the gutters involves working at high altitudes. Working at heights requires one to follow all the safety procedures and wear a safety harness. Only a trained professional can successfully work at heights.
  • Ladder safety: Working at high altitudes means wearing proper gear. While you may not have the appropriate footwear to climb up high ladders, a professional comes prepared.
  • Gutter damage: When your gutters are damaged, you can expect any gutter disaster while cleaning them. From overflows and sags to leaks, there is a lot that can go wrong. A professional gutter cleaner knows how to tackle any situation and successfully carry out the cleaning process.
  • Stuck debris: If your gutters are clogged with debris, leaves, and other material, they will occupy a lot of space in your gutter. Add to that the frozen water that accumulates in the gutter. Any accident can cause your gutter to drop, resulting in an injury.
  • Weather conditions: Before climbing up the ladder, one must always check the weather. A trained roofing professional always consider the weather conditions before climbing the ladder and starting the cleaning process. The ladder can easily be swept off if there are very strong winds in your area.

Professional Gutter Services

Now that you know how often you should clean your gutters, call a professional. Quality Roofing Specialists Inc. offers all kinds of roof inspection, repair, and installation services. If you suspect an issue with your gutter, call us now at (310) 340-1643 for an inspection. We’ll repair or replace your gutters, so they fulfill their purpose as best as possible.