Our roofs protect us from a variety of elements. Many believe rain is the most detrimental, but in Los Angeles, the sun has more of an effect on roofing materials. Asphalt shingles are the most prone to UV rays since they easily absorb them. The heat absorbed transfers to your home, which raises the temperature. In turn, your AC spends more energy to keep the house cool.

In order to save on cooling costs, there are certain routes you can take to reduce the amount of heat your asphalt shingle roof absorbs. The team at Quality Roofing Specialists can also help you with these projects, as many of them will require a professional’s help!

Implement the tips below to reduce UV absorption on your asphalt shingle roof:

Reflective or Lighter-Colored Shingles

Asphalt shingles have what are known as granules on their outer layer. These granules help reflect sunlight off them to prevent excessive absorption. Unfortunately, standard asphalt shingles do not have the best reflective coating of granules, leading to severe overheating of the shingles and eventually heating up your home. Consider installing a higher-grade reflective asphalt shingle for your roof to prevent this. Doing so will help prevent your roof from absorbing so much ultraviolet light.

On the other hand, consider installing a lighter-colored shingle for your roof. Most asphalt shingle roofs are black or gray. These colors attract more light and subsequently more heat. By choosing lighter-colored asphalt shingles, you can prevent excessive absorption of light on your roof and, in turn, your house.

Light-Colored Asphalt Shingles

Attic Ventilation and Insulation

Many homeowners are not aware of how essential their attic is to their roof system. The attic helps provide ventilation to the rest of your home and attempts to reduce the amount of heat-accumulating. Without proper ventilation, your attic will grow to humid, which prompts moisture, mold, and determination. To ensure your attic ventilation is working properly, hire our team for a complete inspection.

In addition to your attic ventilation, it is important you have adequate insulation as well. Attic insulation helps prevent the transfer of heat from your asphalt shingles to your home. If your home is under-insulated, you can expect your AC to work harder. Make sure your home is properly insulated by speaking to the right contractor for the job.

Trees for Shade

If you don’t have the budget to install a new roof that will reflect more light, planting more trees is a more affordable option. Trees are a great way to reduce the amount of sunlight hitting your roof. They not only protect your roof from the harmful UV rays but also provide shade for outdoor living spaces. You should be mindful of how close your trees are to your home and care for them accordingly, but they are cheaper to cool off your roof.

Palm Trees for shade

Solar Panels

Finally, the best thing you can do to really prevent your roof from getting too hot is to install solar panels. Instead of blocking or reflecting the sunlight, take it for renewable energy! Solar panel technology has come a long way in being effective and efficient. With more manufacturers entering the solar panel market and technology advances, prices drop. You can save on costs drastically by using sunlight as your main source of energy.

Hire a Roofing Contractor

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