No matter what type of roof you have, you must care for it if you wish it to last its expected lifespan. Quality Roofing Specialists know a thing or two about caring for and prolonging your roof’s life. We work with Los Angeles homeowners year-round to repair and replace their roofing.

If you want to get the most out of your roof, we recommend you follow the tips we have outlined below. You can take advantage of all of these tips, no matter if you have an asphalt shingle roof or a tile roof. Our team wants you to get the most out of your roof, and these tips are the way to do it!

Annual Professional Inspections

When it comes to maintaining your roof, annual inspections by professionals are one of the best methods. We recommend you have your roof inspected twice a year, once in the spring and another in the fall. Doing so will allow a professional to identify any areas that need to be addressed before they become costly.

A single inspection allows 354 days for a problem to develop. Two inspections will stop that issue before it gets worse. It also saves you time and money. You may perform your own inspections throughout the year, but a professional can spot underlying issues with more detail than you can.

Roof Inspection

Don’t Wait on Repairs

While during an inspection, if you or your contractor find any damage, you should have it repaired right away. Waiting for a roof repair leads to greater risks of damage. Not only will your roof suffer, but you’ll likely have to spend more money on repairs.

Other parts of your roof system may also become damaged, such as flashing, underlayment, decking, and more. Moisture damage is a serious issue you must consider as well. Make sure you get the roof repairs completed as soon as possible.

Clean and Maintain the Gutters

Many are not aware of the importance gutters have in our roofing systems. They assist in the collection and transportation of rainwater away from the house. While it may not rain a lot in Los Angeles, your gutters must operate efficiently.

Poorly maintained gutters can lead to moisture penetration in the underside of roofing materials. Asphalt shingles, clay tiles, and other materials will suffer from water damage as it spills out over the edge. Moisture speeds up the process of aging and leads to greater issues, such as mold growth in the home.

Cleaning Gutters

Keep It Clean

Our roofs withstand more than just the sun, wind, and rain. They also protect us from fluctuating temperatures and debris that may come from nearby trees. When performing your biannual inspections, make sure to clean off your roof. Or, at the very least, have professionals remove debris from your roof.

Don’t let twigs, leaves, and other debris collect on your roof. These things can draw moisture and eventually mold. Moss may even thrive from such items. By keeping your roof clear of debris, you can keep your home looking gorgeous too!

Let Us Help You Care for Your Roof

Quality Roofing Specialists wants to assist you in caring for and maintaining your roof. We will perform your annual inspections and complete any replacements you may require. We are certified, licensed, and insured roofing contractors proudly serving the Greater Los Angeles area.

Give our team a call today at (213) 474-7092, or visit our free estimate page to fill out the form. You’ll receive top-notch customer care and comprehensive roofing services when you choose our team for your roofing needs. We handle all of your roofing needs, especially when it comes to asphalt shingles and tile roofs!