Wooden roofing has been around for a long time. Since the earliest days of construction, wood has been used in some form during the process. The applications can vary from roofs to structures and foundations, but their importance remains the same. Wood undoubtedly looks beautiful, but there are some disadvantages to its use as well.

Homeowners or construction contractors must understand both aspects beforehand. In some cases, the demerits of wooden roofs can outweigh their advantages. Many factors keep people away from using wood as a roofing material, from higher costs to potential damages from natural elements.

Wooden Roofing for Homes

Wooden roofs are a fantastic sight to behold. They are available in tiles and shingles. Many types of wood like cedar, redwood, and numerous others are commonly used. Each class and style of wood can have variable advantages and disadvantages, but in general, the characteristics of this material overlap. Here are some of the things to consider before choosing a wooden roof for your home.


There are many advantages of wooden roofs. Being natural to last a long time can be beneficial for many reasons. Wood is common in the construction of modern homes. It has been around for many years, and there has been a lot of transformation in styles and durability. Pressure-treated or engineered woods are also available nowadays to overcome some of the disadvantages of natural materials.

Visual Appeal

The most significant advantage of wooden roofing is the visual element. There is no second thought about the fact that wood looks beautiful on the roof of your home. Whether you go with shingles or tiles, they can provide the aesthetic that everyone can appreciate. Manufacturers can shade wood to give a unique appearance that has no parallel. If looks are your only concern, you can never go wrong with a wooden roof.

Beautiful Wooden Roofing

Sustainable Construction

Since wood is natural, it can provide a unique element to the construction. However, this aspect requires consideration. Homeowners must research and specifically ask for sustainably sourced wood instead of those made from petroleum products or metal. The environment-friendly factor is what makes wood as a roofing material attractive for most customers.


As beautiful and pleasing to the eye as wood may be, it can bring many issues with it. From vulnerability to fear of integrity, most wooden roofing can be a cause for concern. These reasons are why it is vital to consider both advantages and disadvantages before making a choice. A professional roofing technician can be of great assistance, allowing homeowners to make more informed decisions.

Prone to Natural Elements

The most significant disadvantage of a wooden roof is that it remains susceptible to damages. Insects, including termites or pests, can eat into it over time. Moisture is another factor that can encourage mold or algae growth on the roof. Water absorption can also lead to the material losing its durability. There are also squirrels, birds, and other animals to watch out for as they can build homes within the roof.

Old Wooden Roofing


Wood is a costly option when it comes to roofing. It is typically the most expensive unless you are opting for solar tiles. With wooden roofing, the budget doesn’t have to be a consideration, or else you would be better off with other options. In some cases, for instance, if you live in an area prone to bushfires, wood will not offer a great return on this investment either.


Overall, we recommend you avoid wooden roofing because of its lack of durability and extremely high fire risk. Choose asphalt shingles or a roof tile option to get the most out of your roof. Quality Roofing Specialists can help you repair, install, and maintain your asphalt shingle or tile roof. Call our team at (213) 474-7092 for more details, or request a free estimate by sending us a message. We are the professional roofing services you need for your Los Angeles home.