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Quality Roofing Specialists believes every Los Angeles homeowner should have the ability to keep their home protected from the elements. Your roof is the most important line of defense against the rain, wind, and sun. When it needs a new life, you shouldn’t have to worry about financing a replacement or repair. For that reason, we are happy to work with our financial partners. We’ll introduce you to them so they can find you the right program for your budget. Give our Los Angeles roofing specialists a call today for a free estimate and to learn about our financing options.

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What kind of rates and programs are available?

Each of our financial partners offers a variety of interest rates and programs for all homeowners. They are capable of offering low-interest programs, deferred interest programs, and more.

When you meet with us for your free estimate, we’ll direct you to the best-suited partner based on your financial situation and preferences.

What will my interest rate be once I am approved?

Once you are approved, your interest rate will be determined by the type of program you enroll in. All of our financial partners offer different interest rates, which they’ll discuss with you closely.

How will I make payments?

All of our partners have online portals for clients to make their payments. There are also mail-in options for those who would prefer an alternative.

When is my first payment due?

The due date of your first payment will be determined by the financial partner you choose. Each partner has different requirements for when the first payment is due. They’ll discuss all the payment details with you before you enroll in the program. 

Are there any prepayment penalities?

No. None of our financing partners have prepayment penalties.

How likely is it I get approved?

A large majority of our clients get approved by at least one of our financial partners. They offer a wide range of programs that fit your specific situation. We’ll direct you to the partner we believe best suits you. 

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