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Your Bellflower residential roof serves as a barrier between the exterior world and the interior of your home. Your roof also acts as a protective shield against rain, branches, and other debris. However, if the roof is damaged, you may experience problems such as mold growth or leaks. Our roofing contractors at Quality Roofing Specialists have seen it all with over three decades of experience in the roofing industry.

When to Get Your Roof Inspected-Bellflower Roofing

A roof replacement can burn a hole in your pocket. Therefore, it’s advisable to keep an eye on roof damages and get them repaired by our experts at Quality Roofing Specialists before they turn into a life-endangering and costly issue. Listed below are five roof damage signs that can lead to more significant problems:

1. Roof Shingles Turning Dirty and Dark

Fungus, vegetation, algae, or mold growth can lead to dark-colored stains on the shingles of your roof. Although it doesn’t necessarily mean that you need to get your roof replaced, in such cases, it’s recommended to get the shingles replaced before the infestation weakens the structure of your roof.

2. Attic Leaks

If you are dealing with the aftermath of recent wind-driven rain or a strong storm, there’s a high probability that the shingles of your roof could be damaged. In such situations, you should carefully check your attic for any leaks and contact our Bellflower Roofing Service experts to get your roof restored as soon as possible.

3. Blistering Paint

Poor ventilation can cause moisture to be trapped within the walls and ceiling. This causes the exterior and interior paint to peel off. To get your roof inspected and maintained, contact our roofing contractors at Quality Roofing Specialists.

4. Cracked, Curled, or Missing Shingles

Cracked, easily broken, or dry shingles indicate that your roof has surpassed its lifespan and that it’s time to get it replaced. If not dealt with in time, damaged shingles can make your house vulnerable to the elements.

5. Decay in Sheathing

Excess moisture between the roof shingles or tiles can cause decay in the sliding. This will ultimately weaken the bones of your roof.

Bellflower Roofing Service

Our Bellflower roofing service experts at Quality Roofing Specialists are committed to making your life comfortable and protecting you and your property from storms, rain, and the scorching sun. At Bellflower Roofing Services, we offer everything you need to keep your roof sturdy and intact. So if you are struggling with a damaged roof, contact our roofing experts to help you out.

Roof Repairs

Are the shingles of your roof damaged? Is your roof leaking? Suppose you are dealing with any type of roof damage issue. In that case, our experts at Quality Roofing Specialists will save you money and time by providing the most effective and efficient solutions in Bellflower.

Even though minor roofing issues such as missing tiles may appear harmless at the beginning, if not dealt with in time, they can warrant more expensive and complicated repairs. This is precisely why it’s wise to get your roof inspected and repaired before the damage becomes irreversible.

Roof Storm Damage

Storms or strong winds are among the most common causes of roof destruction. From high winds blowing off the tiles to winds thrashing tree branches against the roof, it can undoubtedly destroy the roofing structure of your home. Therefore, rather than looking for a temporary fix, contact our Bellflower Residential Roofing Service experts to restructure your roof.

Roof Inspection

Roof tiles are prone to cracking, whereas metal sheets can corrode. This allows water or moisture to seep into the roof’s interior, weakening your roof’s structure. So even if you so much as suspect underlying damage, call our highly trained and experienced Quality Roofing Specialists for a roof inspection and free estimate for your next roofing project.

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Our roofing contractors are skilled, experienced, licensed, and insured experts at Quality Roofing Specialists understand how important it is to keep your home safe and secure. Give our team a call today by calling (213)-474-7092 or visit our contact page to send us a message. Our team will help you care for your home’s roof, so it lasts a lifetime.