Best Roofing Services in Cerritos

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Are you on the lookout for professional roofers & contractors, but can’t find a reliable option? Luckily, Quality Roofing Specialists Inc. has the right tools, equipment, and teams to help you. We have decades of experience providing roofing services in Cerritos to hundreds, if not thousands, of satisfied customers. With our fully licensed, insured, and certified services, you can rest assured that all our roofing solutions will meet and exceed your expectations.

Roofing Services in Cerritos

We provide our roofing services in Cerritos and other popular cities in LA County. Our specialized teams can help you fix any aspect of the roofing system within the estimated time and budget. So whether you have a few missing shingles or a sagging roofing system, we can help you. Our team of professional roofers & contractors is specialized to perform all of the following residential and commercial roofing services:

1. Roof inspections

We will check all the nitty-gritty details of your roofing system and evaluate its current state. In case your roof is in dire need of professional roofers & contractors, we will suggest services that will benefit you the most. Additionally, we can also provide annual inspection and maintenance services to ensure a longer lifespan of all materials. Whether you need to clean the gutters, chimneys, attic, or the entire roofing system, we will be there to provide the most reliable services in town.

2. Roof repairs

Neglected roof repairs are often the number one cause behind costly roof reinstallations or new roof installations. If you ignore a minor roof repair, it can put you and others in the property at risk. To avoid such circumstances, it’s best to call a professional roofers for help immediately after spotting signs of damage. We provide the following roofing services in Cerritos for repairs:

  • Shingle repair
  • Top flashing repairs
  • Leak repairs
  • Gutter or chimney repair
  • Ventilation system repair

3. Roof reinstallations

We can help you reinstall any element of the roof, no matter which materials are currently installed in your roofing system. From pocket-friendly asphalt and wood shingles to relatively costlier slate and tiles, we have professional experts who have experience working with all the common types of roofing materials. Call our of professional roofers teams now if you want us to replace a roof and avail of our free quote today.

4. New roof installation

Sometimes you realize your current roofing materials are not up to par to meet your standards and the current weather conditions. In this case, it’s always best to look for other options available in the market to protect your property against natural calamities and increase its overall value and curb appeal. With the help of leading manufacturers such as Owens Corning, CertainTeed, and GAF, we can handpick the best materials based on your preferences, needs, and budget.

Differences between Residential and Commercial Roofing Services

Commercial and residential roofing services vary depending on the weather conditions, budget, and type of roof. We have experts who can cater to flat commercial roofs or relatively steeper residential roofs in Cerritos. Both commercial and residential roofs can have the following roofing system:

  • Asphalt shingles
  • Slates
  • Tiles
  • Ceramic shingles
  • Built-up roof
  • Solar shingles
  • Metal roof

A residential roofing system is relatively easier to install, and they are more time and budget-friendly. However, due to the presence of elements such as air flows, smokestacks, and external piping, performing roofing services for commercial roofs is trickier. Quality Roofing Specialists Inc. has trained and experienced individuals to provide roofing services for any type of property owner.

We can install asphalt shingles with our roofing services in Cerritos

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