Palos Verdes Estates Roofing

The functionality of your roof is incredibly important for the functionality of your entire property. It is the most important structural component of your property. Therefore, whenever a storm hits you, it becomes all the more important to get your roof inspected for any kind of damage – both visible and unseen.

Quality Roofing Specialists Inc. is a residential and commercial roofing service operating in the LA and Orange Counties. Our Palos Verdes Estates roofing experts have a combined experience of 30+ years repairing or replacing a roof near you. We offer all kinds of roofing services such as roof inspections, repairs, replacements, installations, gutter replacements, attic ventilation, storm and wind damage repair services. If there’s a problem with your roofing, call us, and our expert roofing contractors would take care of everything from there.

About Palos Verdes Estates

Palos Verdes Estates is one of the wealthiest cities in Los Angeles, California. This incredible coastline city was planned by the well-known American planner and architect Frederick Law Olmsted Jr. It is located along the beautiful Pacific coastline, and is among the 25 most expensive neighborhoods in Los Angeles.

Palos Verdes Estates Roofing Services

Quality Roofing Specialists Inc. offers residential and commercial roofing services in Palos Verdes Estates. Our roofing contractors handle the following kinds of roofs:

  • Asphalt shingles
  • Clay tiles
  • Composite tiles
  • Torch-down roofs
  • Acrylic coating
  • Silicon coating

Roof Inspections

The key to maintaining the quality of your roof throughout its lifetime is regular roof inspections. Our Palos Verdes Estates roofing experts recommend bi-annual roof inspections from a professional roofing expert. Getting your roof inspected would ensure that there are not any functional problems, and if there are any, they get fixed right away.

Roof Repairs & Replacements

Roof damages often occur after a heavy storm has passed. Our roofs often face water damage after a storm, and getting them repaired or replaced is incredibly important for the safety of your house. In addition to water damage, your roof can also have cracks or holes due to damage, resulting in higher energy bills. Call a roofing contractors to repair or replace your roof and prevent further repair costs.

Attic Ventilation

Your attic ventilation, or roof ventilation, regulates the temperature of your house as well as protects your roofing materials. If your attic ventilation has failed, your roof can face serious problems and even mold growth. This is a result of increased humidity getting trapped in your roof due to poor ventilation. Call our professional Palos Verdes Estates roofing contractor to inspect and repair your attic ventilation system.

Gutter Replacements

The state of your roof also depends on the gutter system of your house. Without a fully functional gutter system, your roof and your house can face water damage. Our roofing services include gutter replacements to protect your house and your roof from water damage.

a composite roof installed by our Palos Verdes Estates roofing contractors

Call a Palos Verdes Estates Roofing Now!

Quality Roofing Specialists Inc. offers all kinds of roof inspection, repair, and installation services. If you suspect any problems with your property’s roofing, call us now at (310) 340-1643 for an inspection. Our roofing contractor will be right there to assist you and help you through all your roofing troubles. We offer free estimates as well as financing options for a vast array of roofing services. We also work with your insurance company and help you file for insurance claims to repair or replace your roofs.