Santa Monica Roofing

An ideal roof should protect your property from the elements, add to its curb appeal, save the money spent on insurance premiums and limit your claims. Quality Roofing Specialists Inc., Best Roofing Contractors in Santa Monica can help you accomplish all that with their expert Santa Monica roofing services.

Our roofing contractors have a combined experience of 30+ years. We can repair or replace a typical roof within a day if needed! No more having to worry about your property being exposed to the elements.

About Santa Monica

Santa Monica is a coastal city located the west of downtown LA. The Santa Monica beach has beautiful parks overlooking the Pacific Ocean. The Pier houses the Pacific Park amusement park, the Santa Monica Pier Aquarium, and the historic Looff Hippodrome Carousel. Santa Monica is a pretty costly town with an average small house costing at least a million dollars.

With All Our Santa Monica Roofing Services, You Can Expect the Following:


A Roof Inspection

We offer quality control inspection while documenting all the damages in the form of pictures so you can easily claim your insurance if needed.

Roof Repair & Property Protection

In addition to repairing your roofs, we make sure the rest of your property is safe during the process. We take care of any objects near your roof, such as plants, A.C. units, and other objects with tarps, so that your property stays protected during the process.

Adherence to Local Regulations

We are a locally owned and licensed roofing services provider who complies with all the local laws and regulations to ensure that your property adheres to any and all the regulations.

Clean Up

We understand how messy a home improvement project can be. But you don’t have to worry about that. Our team goes the extra mile to ensure that your property is cleaned and there are no nails, debris, or any other particles lying on your property after the repairs.

Peace of Mind

We are a licensed, insured, manufacturer certified, and expert roofing service provider offering a lifetime warranty for all our roofing services.

Does Your Property Need a Roof Repair or Replacement?

There are many signs that you can use to tell whether your roof needs a replacement or a repair.

  • Does your roof leak whenever it rains?
  • Do you have storm damage?
  • Are the shingles on your roof coming out?
  • Does your roof look old, faded, and worn out?
  • Are your energy bills unnecessarily high?
  • Are you planning on selling your property in the near future?
  • Has it been more than a decade since your roof was installed?
  • Do you see moss growth on your roof?

If your answer is yes to any of these situations, call Quality Roofing Specialists Inc. – the Best Roofing Contractors in Santa Monica for a quick and accurate inspection of your roof. Our experienced Santa Monica roofing contractor will perform a thorough inspection and offer a free estimate, taking into account your needs and your budget. We will come up with high quality and cost-effective plan to restore the functionality of your roof.

a new roof installed by our Santa Monica roofing contractors.

Call a Santa Monica Roofing Contractor Now!

Quality Roofing Specialists Inc. – the Best Roofing Contractors in Santa Monica offers all kinds of roof inspection, repair, and installation services. If you suspect any problems with your property’s roofing, call us now at (310) 340-1643 for an inspection. Our Santa Monica roofing contractor will be right there to assist you and address all your roofing woes. We offer free estimates as well as financing options for roofing services. We also help you file for insurance claims to repair or replace your roofs.